Updated Abbott Ordering Process

The purpose of this communication is to outline the rapid Abbott COVID-19 ordering process starting August 14, 2020, at 10 a.m. for, Behavioral Health, Labor & Delivery, Emergency Department, Inpatient, and Anesthesia. The inventory is low for the Abbott test, and this process is new to help allocate testing resources based on clinical need.    

Behavioral Health Admissions with an Accepting Facility Confirmed 

  1. Physician places Abbott order in Epic  
  2. Physician calls the Network Operations Command Center to release the order with Lab 
  3. Lab releases the order for collection  

Labor & Delivery, Emergency Department, Hospitalists, and Anesthesia 

  1. Physician places Abbott order in Epic. Lab will not release the order until process below is followed. 
  2. Ordering physician calls the Network Operations Command Center at x25900 or (937) 762-5900 for approval 
  3. Network Operations Command Center calls Patrick Lytle, DO, or Jeffrey Weinstein, MD (see call schedule below) 
  4. Dr. Lytle or Dr. Weinstein will call ordering physician to determine clinical need for COVID-19 testing with an Abbott 
    • If patient clinically meets guidelines for a rapid COVID-19 test, Network Operations Command Center will call Lab to release the order  
    • If patient does not meet clinical guidelines for a rapid COVID-19 Abbott test, the ordering physician will cancel the Abbott order and place a PCR order  

                                                Ordering Flow Chart for
 Labor & Delivery, Emergency Department, Hospitalists, & Anesthesia 

Dr, Lytle and Dr. Weinstein Call Schedule  

Kettering Health Network Call Schedule for Approval/Appeal for Abbott Rapid COVID Testing 

August 13–August 23 

7 a.m.–7 p.m. Alternate every other call to Dr. Lytle and Dr. Weinstein 

7 p.m.–7 a.m.: 

            Thursday, August 13 Weinstein 

            Friday, August 14 Lytle 

            Saturday, August 15 Weinstein 

            Sunday, August 16 Lytle 

            Monday, August 17 Weinstein 

            Tuesday, August 18 Lytle 

            Wednesday, August 19 Weinstein 

            Thursday, August 20 Lytle 

            Friday, August 21 Weinstein 

            Saturday, August 22 Lytle 

            Sunday, August 23 Weinstein 

Network Operations Command Center Phone Number  

(937) 762-5900 

Lab Phone Numbers  

Fort Hamilton (513) 867-2402 

Greene (937) 352-2160 

Grandview (937) 723-3227 

Kettering (937) 395-8612 

Soin (937) 702-4710 

Southview (937) 401-6200 

Sycamore (937) 384-6017 

Troy (937) 980-7030   

August 13, 2020