Updated Discharge to Post-Acute Facilities Criteria (Effective April 16, 2020)

Updated Discharge to Post-Acute Facilities Criteria (Effective April 16, 2020)

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we as a network are striving to provide the safest environment for all our patients and guests while considering limitations surrounding testing availability. We are monitoring the situation closely and adjusting our strategy as needed. Note, we have LIMITED testing availability currently.

Below is the protocol for discharging our patients to congregate facilities (LTC, SNF, IRF, ALF etc.). Please note LTAC does not apply to this situation as they are able to take acute-level patients and routinely care for all isolation presentations:

Per standard practices, no patients with progressing respiratory infections will be discharged from the hospital until stable and ready. The following are Kettering Health Network classifications based on the COVID-19 decision-making algorithms according to the Centers for Disease Control and Ohio Department of Health:

Category 1: Patients with no clinical concern (reference algorithm below) for COVID-19: Acceptable for transfer to congregate facility for discharge (no change in standard process)

Category 2: Patients investigated for possible COVID-19, but negative testing: If patient has negative COVID-19 testing, negative influenza testing (if applicable), and meeting usual clinical criteria for discharge, then acceptable for transfer to congregate facility

Category 3: Patients under investigation for COVID-19, but test results pending: Will NOT be transferred to congregate facility until test results completed

Category 4: Patients positive for COVID-19 testing: Criteria for discharge to congregate facility as follows.

  • Resolution of fever, without use of antipyretic medication for 72 hours
  • Improvement in illness signs and symptoms
  • Please note: NO ongoing testing to confirm negative status is needed

Note: Please work with a member of the Care Management team to assist in coordinating discharge to post-acute facilities, as they are familiar with updated protocols established through applicable executive orders (3 day waivers, etc.), availability of resources at post-acute facilities, etc.

COVID-19 Screening Algorithm

April 16, 2020

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