Work from Home Bandwidth Guidelines

To all our Work from Home (WFH) users:

In order to prepare for the large number of users working from home, we increased our network bandwidth to accommodate the increased traffic coming from outside into the organization.  This increased bandwidth also has capacity limits. Please remember that we are constantly monitoring this, and clinical continuity is a must. NOTE: If there is a spike, we will remove connections to support clinical operations. 

Below is a list of some things that each WFH user may do to help limit bandwidth consumption:

  • Office 365 and all the applications associated
    • Use office.com from your PC – specifically for Remote Desktop (RDP) sessions.
      • Do not use anything Office in an RDP session.  You can use office.com from your PC desktop to access all your office applications including Teams.
  • If you have any other web applications (enter the URL/website address into your internet browser) do that from your PC desktop as well. Only login to an application when needed.
  • If your work is not time sensitive, please consider logging in during off peak hours to complete your work.

If you have questions you may contact iSupport at (937) 384-4500, but please understand they are extremely busy with increased WFH questions. We recommend using the Information Systems service portal: https://khn.service-now.com/sp and log a request under the “Get Help” link.

March 23, 2020

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