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Network Transitioning to New Expense Reporting System

What’s Happening?

Beginning in August, Kettering Health Network will be deploying a new expense reporting system (Concur) for employee reimbursement.  Currently expense reports are completed on a Microsoft Excel template and submitted to Payroll for processing and reimbursement. 

Moving to Concur, team members will be able to utilize a Web and Mobile based interface to submit reports.  When a report is submitted it will move through an electronic approval process and then be paid through Payroll in the same manner reports are today without moving physical copies around the various campuses to a centralized processor.

Concur is a significant step on the road of process improvement and will allow for leadership reporting, visibility of spend, preventive and detective controls, auditing, and an enhanced user experience.

How does this affect my workflow?

The current paper-based solution is filled out, printed for approver signature, then transported to Payroll for processing.  In Concur employees will populate their expenses through the Concur website or mobile app and upload receipts for attachment to their report.  Users will submit their report which will be routed through an electronic approval workflow and then sent for processing in Payroll once approved.  Concur status notification emails are sent when a report status changes and when approvers have a new report to review.  Notifications will come from this email address:

How do I receive support?

You will receive a training document by email which will provide instructions to login and utilize the new process. You may also click here to view the document. Links to download the mobile app on Android and iOS are also included in the training. There are numerous training toolkits and a QuickStart guide is available through the Concur website under “Company Notes,” once you’ve signed in.

Concur also offers an online Support Desk function provided through the Concur platform for problem resolution.  Additional KHN contacts are referenced in the training document if you are unable to resolve your issue with the above resources.

What is the transition timeframe?

You are encouraged to use Concur for all current and future expense reports starting today.  Paper reports should no longer be used after 8/9/2020.  Payroll will process any paper reports that were already in process up to 9/5/2020 at which time paper will no longer be accepted and the report will be returned.

VP’s and up will continue to use their current process with a rollout in a future phase.  VP’s will have approval rights in Concur.
Physicians and APP’s should continue to use their current process through KPN Finance.

July 31, 2020