Women’s History Month: Danielle Smith

During Women’s History Month, Kettering Health Network is celebrating the impact of all the women who support our network. The responses below came from an interview with Danielle Smith, director of Decision Support Analytics for the network. Click here to see the original story, including more interviews. 

What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

I am the director of Decision Support Analytics, and my role entails working collaboratively with service line leaders, hospital operation leaders, and Business Development to provide overall direction to the budget process, growth strategy, business intelligence collaboration, and decision support functions for the network. My responsibilities include leading a team of analysts who help support the various leadership groups. We work to ensure these leaders are provided with the appropriate financial and statistical information needed for making effective decisions. My favorite part entails planning for our future and identifying new business opportunities based on research and analysis.

As a woman, have you faced any barriers in your career? 

I have been fortunate enough to work for Kettering Health Network since graduating from college, and in my time here, there has never been a time where I felt I was being held back because I am a woman. That being said, I am a proud mother of a hilarious 21-month old, and it hasn’t been easy juggling a career and being a new mom. But I know our organization is extremely supportive of work-life balance, especially when it comes to family. Because in the end, family is all that matters.

What woman has had the most influence on you, and what qualities did she possess?

There have been a couple women in my career who definitely had an impact, and I probably wouldn’t be where I am without their influence. But the woman who has influenced me the most is my mom. She helped my dad build a business from the ground up, all while raising three girls and taking care of the household. My parents raised us to be faithful to God, faithful to family, trustworthy, and hardworking in everything you do. The formed the foundation, and we are more successful because of it.

What is something unique that you think women bring to organization? 

Our ability to be effective leaders. We are resourceful, strong, and resilient. I heard someone say once, “We can organize a household, a family, ourselves, and still manage to work full-time.”

What value do you think inclusion brings to organizations?

It values our differences and what each one of us bring to the table regardless of gender, race, or religion.

March 28, 2017