Year: 2020


N-95 Fit Testing FAQ

Q:  Why are we implementing this fit testing program now?  A:  The pandemic required healthcare providers around the country to take all necessary and precautionary measures possible to remain ready and able to immediately respond to the public health crisis, increasing the urgent need for respiratory protective equipment across the nation. In response, we rolled out…


Resources for COVID-19 Vaccine Questions

COVID-19 vaccine distribution started today for Kettering Health Network staff. This is an exciting milestone in our COVID-19 response, and we want to ensure that our team has access to important information about the vaccine and the process for distribution at Kettering Health Network. COVID Vaccine FAQ Information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine is available at…


Guidelines and Best Practices for N-95 Use

The following are reminders for direct patient care team members regarding guidelines and best practices for use of N-95 respirators.  One (1) mask per caregiver per day unless replacement is needed due to visible contamination or mask becomes moist  Once you place on the mask, it can be worn in multiple patient rooms while on…


Now Live: COVID-19 Vaccine Appeals

At this time, all individuals who were eligible to receive the first wave of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out should have received an email with a link to schedule their vaccination appointment. Those eligible are direct patient care providers as well as patient-facing individuals who completed the survey by noon on Monday, December 21. If you…


COVID-19 Vaccine Shipment

We are excited to announce that we received the vaccine today. This is truly a Christmas miracle, as we were informed there would be no deliveries on Christmas Eve.  The email will be going out to those who will be receiving the vaccine in the first round to allow them to start scheduling.   Thank you…


Coming Soon: COVID-19 Vaccine Appeals

To ensure we are capturing the appropriate team members in our prioritization process, an appeal process is being developed. Appeals will be submitted via online form and reviewed by a committee. Individuals will be updated on the status of their appeal through communication to their Kettering Health Network email. We will begin accepting appeals once…


Process for Notification of Positive COVID-19 Results

Effective immediately, the lab will call the inpatient unit and communicate the first positive COVID-19 test result to the first team member that they speak to. The lab will document in the EMR who they give the result to.  It will be the responsibility of the team member on the unit to alert the nurse caring…

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